Gullible Trust

We, as human beings, naturally will trust another human being. It’s written in our DNA. Sometimes, however, that trust can be misplaced. It can happen in a variety of ways but the main one I’ll be focusing on today is that when we trust someone else, we sometimes rush that trust; we trust too quickly.

I’m sure we all have experiences of trusting too quick. I know I have several times but each time, I’ve learned something new. I’m sure you have too. You probably have you’re own lessons that you’ve learned and today I’d like to share some of the ones I’ve learned through my own experiences.

1) NEVER give someone your trust right after you’ve met them. For all you know, that person could have put on a facade just for you. My rule of thumb is don’t give someone your trust within the first seven days. To be on the safe side, I sometimes go fourteen days.
2) ALWAYS trust your gut but DO NOT act on it. This may sound a little weird at first but let me explain. Your gut almost always is able to warn you about things. If you meet somebody and your gut tells you not to trust them, wait the seven days, and then try again. Now, when I say don’t act on it, I don’t mean never act on what your gut is telling you. If it’s telling you that “Yes, this is a person you can trust”, don’t immediately throw your trust at them. I’ve misplaced trust like that because I didn’t listen to my gut feeling and/or acted on it too quickly. Give it some time and try again. If you have the same feeling, go for it.

Now, I’m tying into the title of this post. It’s called “Gullible Trust” and here’s why. Once again, we all tend to trust others by nature. But some of us, even after we’ve waited to see if we can actually trust a person, get fooled. This happens most frequently yup those of us who just barely trust everyone until proven otherwise. Gullible is defined as “easy trusting”, meaning they trust very easily.

And then there’s those who have that trust and then shatter it. These people are commonly known as “backstabbers” and can’t be trusted by anybody. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be trusted ever again. Yeah, it’s difficult to get someone trust back after they’ve broken it, but it is possible.