In the Details

I’m sitting here reading an article I found on the Church’s website about Brett Taylor’s wife. (Brett was the guy who was killed in action in Afghanistan while serving as city mayor out in the Wasatch Front). I’m amazed at the strength that his wife has to move on and continue to raise their seven children without the physical support of her husband. But I know that it happened for a reason. Just like Trevor’s death. They both happened for a reason that we here on earth do not understand. That’s hard for me to see. Here on earth, I seriously question God’s reasoning’s for this. Trevor left behind five children, one of them anti-LDS. I’m left to question and wonder why. Why then? Both men left behind lovely families, leaving their wife’s widowed. That’s a hard thing to process. But as the article says, God is there in the details even when things change. I know that there is something massive going on beyond the veil and beyond our comprehension. While I may not be able to see it, I know that I can be one of God’s instruments that helps his work along.

Sorry if this post seemed different than my others. I wrote this as a journal entry and thought I’d share it.

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