Saved For These Days

Satan can seem like a very powerful being in this day and age. With so many resources that he has to tempt us, it may seem impossible to escape his grasp. But it is not so. We have been saved for these last days specifically because we would be able to withstand the temptations that we face in today’s world. I recently rewatched a film that I haven’t seen in many years and I can say again that we are not alone! In this fight with Satan, we are anything but alone. With the Holy Ghost, Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ by our sides at all times, we are never alone! So many times, I, myself, have felt completely and utterly alone. These times have been very moving, giving me a feeling of what it is like to be without the guiding presence of the Holy Ghost. Some, like myself, experience this period for longer than is necessary. I did it out of stubbornness. Others do it out of spite, hatred, or many other reasons. But I’ve recently come to accept a challenge that was extended to me a year or two ago.

The challenge: To read the Book of Mormon thoroughly.

At the time, I just read it to get it done. But, with getting my mission call and rewatching this powerful film, I’ve come to accept this challenge once again with a different approach. This time, to read the Book of Mormon with a sincere desire to know the truth that it contains. While I know that it is true (based on others testimonies), I’ve found it much more difficult lately to simply rely on others testimonies singlehandedly. While this isn’t a bad thing while you’re gaining your own, it becomes a bad thing when it’s all you’ve ever relied upon like I have. So I encourage anyone out there who may be aspiring to reach the same goal, to accept the challenge and do it with me. I can say that it will change your life for the better.