CCM Week 5 – Embark ye in the Service of God/God Be with You Till We Meet Again

Is that what I think it is? P-Day again already? Feels like just yesterday I sent a massive email to you all. Nonetheless, hello and welcome to week 5 of the CCM. It feels like I arrived just yesterday, but it also feels like an eternity. It’s crazy to think that next week will be my last P-Day here in the CCM. I’ve learned so much and still feel unprepared for the language. Pero está bien. The Lord provides a way for those things He asks us to do. So, let’s see what happened.

Wednesday was día del templo! What a great experience. I love the temple so much. Not going to share my experience porqué it’s personal but just know that the temple is my favorite place, a sanctuary amidst the chaos of the world.

Thursday we taught Katernine again. Excitement! Elder Ramirez and I started out our lesson by asking if she would say our opening prayer, like we have in the past. She told us no like she had before. So instead of brushing it off, we dug into why. She told us because she’d never prayed before and didn’t know what to say. In her church, one person (usually the pastor) prayed for everyone on Sunday and she didn’t know the prayer. So we taught her how to open and close a prayer and how anything in-between is expressed from the heart. She seemed to be okay with that so we asked her to say a prayer out loud. She did and it was so amazing! We then bore our testimonies about the power and importance of prayer. It was so cool! I can’t wait to teach in the field.

Friday….umm, not much happened. There’s always a day in the week that nothing seems to happen. So…yeah. Anyway, moving on…

Saturday was pretty chill. We had some Latinos in our house so we had a going-away thing that they do. Not sure how to explain it lol. Honestly, it was the craziest we’ve ever gotten in the CCM. Also, spiritual experiences!
We were reading the Book of Mormon as a class and we read Mormon 8. It really gave me some insight into what he went through. I wrote this in my notebook: “Being on a mission is like what Moroni is going through. However, Moroni is completely alone while we have ‘family’, our companion and our district.” We moved into Moroni 10 and I wrote this: “Imagine being alone for 20 years, writing, with no one (on earth) to talk to. We’re like Moroni for two years. Focus on what’s ahead, not what you’ve left behind.” Being on a mission hasn’t been too difficult yet. But I don’t shun the thought that things will become hard. However, there are things that I do miss dearly from home. But I’ve decided to focus on what’s ahead rather than what I’ve left behind.

Sunday was great but also sad. Let’s start with what was great. In priesthood, we were studying chapter 3, lesson 4 of Preach My Gospel. Our teachers provided some nice insight into one of the commandments. Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain. We all think that it’s really as simple as not saying the Lord’s name in vain. But have we ever thought about the word “take” in that commandment?
Every Sunday, we take the sacrament and promise to take upon ourselves His name. Have we ever thought about this concept and how it may be in vain? If we are not worthy of this, we may be doing this in vain. Just something interesting to think about.
So what was sad? Well, our favorite district reached the end of their time here in the CCM. I’m really going to miss that district. We became such close friends in just the four week we knew each other. However, I know that it is for a better purpose. And this separation is only temporary, until we meet again, whether it be in this life or the next. May God be with them until we meet again.

Monday we had a Christmas Devotional and we had General Authorities there. It was epic. Elder Ramirez had to say the opening prayer so we got to sit on the stand with them. It was pretty cool. I don’t remember who exactly was all there (oops) but my notes indicate an area president and Joy D. Jones, General Primary President. I’d like to share some quotes from them.

  • Thank you for that “no”, it brings me one step closer to a “yes”.
  • You may inadequate to do this work. It’s okay to feel inadequate in doing what only God himself can do.
  • Every experience, good and bad, blesses us
  • We refuse to see you as 18, 19, 20 year olds. We see you as those who will build up the kingdom of God for the rest of your days.
  • Why would you ever want to be late to a meeting with the Godhead?
  • What has Jesus Christ done for me?
  • How can I demonstrate my gratitude to him?

Tuesday went by fast, as most days do now. I’ve pretty much accepted the fact that I will be in the field in about 13 days. That’s weirding me out. Anyway, on Tuesday we had white dots come in. (In case you don’t understand, new missionaries are given white dots so they have a little bit of leeway figuring things out. You have your white dot until your first Sunday where you take it off and new white dots come in.) We actually got to help them settle in and where they needed to go. That was fun. It feels like last week I was a white dot myself but here I am in week 5. I once again reiterate that time here is different.

3 Listen to him who is the advocate with the Father, who is pleading your cause before him—
4 Saying: Father, behold the sufferings and death of him who did no sin, in whom thou wast well pleased; behold the blood of thy Son which was shed, the blood of him whom thou gavest that thyself might be glorified;
5 Wherefore, Father, spare these my brethren that believe on my name, that they may come unto me and have everlasting life.

D&C 45:3-5

Fun(ny) things:

  • Obedience is how well you follow the rules. Obendience is how well you can touch your toes. At least, that’s what Elder Smith told us. Yo no sé, pero está bien.

I love you all so much! You have all touched my life in your own way and I thank you for that. I have a testimony that is the Lord’s church and He directs it through a living prophet today. Take those challenges that may come upon you in stride. I promise that as you rely on Jesus Christ, things will go exactly as they need to, even though you may not understand exactly why at that moment. I testify that the Holy Ghost is real and does help. No matter if you’re learning a new language, or just going about your day, pray and be worthy for its companionship. The Holy Ghost will help. I’ll talk to you all next week!

Elder Thacker