CCM Week 6 – Hallelujah, It’s the Final Countdown (of the CCM)

Merry Christmas from the CCM! It’s not too often you hear that from a missionary! Wait, hold on. Someone put the brakes on this train. I’m less than five days away from Texas. The CCM has felt ridiculously long but now that we’re here at the end, it’s felt like barely a week. Nonetheless, the next time you hear from me will be from Texas and, more than likely, will be a new year! I’m so excited for the field. While my language is broken at best, I’m ready to share the message of the gospel with the people of Texas. Now, enough about wishing to be in Texas, let’s see what happened my last full week in the CCM.

Thursday (Jueves) we had a Skype call with a member. That was fun. They talk really fast so it was a bit tricky figuring out what they said. But I’m sure they say the same thing when we speak English so está bien. We also got news of a schedule change to Christmas. Christmas was scheduled as our P-Day but we were told “Psych! You thought so.” They were going to take away our P-Day and we were really upset. Then we got word that they were changing it again. We were upset until they told us that it would be like a normal P-Day, with few things that we had to attend. So that all turned out okay.

Friday (Viernes) everyone in our district shared a funny story in Spanish so I might as well share mine here. In English, of course. This happened a few days before my flight to Mexico if I’m remembering right. I was in the car with my family and I was telling them how I like root beer and how BARQ’s is my favorite brand. Well, I made the mistake of mispronouncing it. Looking at it, I thought the R was an N. So I’m sure you can guess how that went lol.

Saturday (Sábado) we got to talk to members again, face to face. I love being able to talk with them, even if my Spanish is basura absoluta (absolute trash). Nonetheless, I can just feel a love for them in ways that I haven’t felt before. I can truly feel the love of Christ for them.
Also, I had an epic experience with family history work. When I went to the temple last time, I took a family name. During the temple session, I could feel their spirit there and they were excited. I finished the session and didn’t think much else of it, besides writing it down in my journal and the feelings of peace that I felt. Well, it turns out that when I had reserved his Endowment, I shared his sealing to parents to the temple. So while we were in a workshop, I got a notification that some temple work had been completed. I opened it and found that his Sealing to Parents had been completed. When I read that, I was filled with joy and happiness for them. It was amazing.

Sunday (Domingo) is always a fantastic day in the CCM. While I don’t remember a lot of what happened throughout the day, I do remember this one part in particular. We watch a video every Sunday here in the CCM and we watched Elder Bednar. I liked a lot of what he said, but the thing that stands out the most to me was these two quotes. He talked a lot about putting off the natural man, or our own desires while we are here on a mission. It is not about what we want and when we want it, it is about what the Lord wants in his time. We are instruments in the Lord’s hands so we need to always be listening to his instructions that we receive through the Holy Ghost. “This mission is not for you. Who cares what you think? The natural man. This mission is for the Lord and for those you will teach.” He also said, “A testimony is not enough, you have to be converted to the Lord.”
That was a bit of a wake up call for us all. To me, this is best described as such: Lose yourself and go to work. But don’t completely forget who you are, where you came from, where you’re going. Don’t forget to use those talents that the Lord has blessed you with. We all have a personality. Use that to help teach those that need to be taught.

Monday (Lunes) Hermana Rusil had to leave our class because she is getting ready to have a baby. We were happy for her but we also were kinda sad that one of our teachers is leaving. Nonetheless, it’s all good. We all wish her the absolute best!

Tuesday (Martes) our district had to go retrieve our travel documents from reception. Since I am the only one in our room leaving on Monday, I’ve been teasing them about having to stay until Wednesday. But it really set in today. I only have, as of this being sent, five days left here in the CCM. That is absolutely crazy! The feeling of joy and nervousness leaving the CCM is something I can’t explain; you have to experience it for yourself. But I think I’ll love it.

24 But behold, all things have been done in the wisdom of him who knoweth all things.
25 Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy.

2 Nephi 2:24-25

Fun(ny) things:

  • I think I ate something not desirable for my stomach on Sunday. I think it was some burritos but I’m not sure. So that’s been fun to deal with. However, I think it could he worse so I’m grateful for it only being minor. There’s always a bright side, isn’t there?

I absolutely love you all! I know that Christ does as well, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Push through your trials and endure to the end. I promise things will work out just as they need to, even if that may not be the result you want. All of our trials are for our benefit. I know that to be true. Talk to you all next week, from Texas!

Elder Thacker