In-Field Week 1 – It Doesn’t Kill

Welcome to Texas, where traffic laws actually exist and our house doesn’t constantly smell like the sewer! I hope everyone has had a great week. My P-days are now on Monday! Yay! There’s been a lot happen since you last read something from me so let’s start. However, we’re going back a little in time.

Monday (part 2) starts with landing in Houston. It was nice to be back in the states. Customs, whatnot and a baggage claim later, we met our mission president. President Hewlett is a super nice, cool guy. All you gotta do is follow the rules and you’ll be fine (you know, as missionaries do siempre (always)).
We were taken to President Hewlett’s home where we had a lovely dinner prepared by his wife. Interviews went well then us Elders took off to the Assistants to the President’s apartment. It was an interesting night cramming 13 elders into an apartment.

Tuesday we had training all morning, from insurance to mission cards, vehicles to mental health. Then we traveled to a stake center where we were locked in a room (not really) until we figured out who our trainers were. My trainer is amazing! His name’s Elder Blackburn and he’s the best! My first area is Broadway 2 Central right in the southwest corner of our mission boundaries.
That night, we went and contacted a few members to let them know we were new in the area and so I could be introduced to them. However, I found out that apparently we were whitewashing into the area after an emergency transfer from like a month ago. So that’s been fun.

Wednesday was my first day actually tracting and was a great way to start off the new year! We went with some Elders for a joint contact but the person ended up not being home. Entonces (so) we started to leave the apartment buildings when some guy came up and asked us for a Book of Mormon for his mom. She lost her copy in a recent hurricane. But he asked for an English copy and we didn’t have any on us (because we’re Spanish missionaries, didn’t you know?). So we delivered a copy later that day so that was cool.

Thursday we visited a member who gave us some epic empanadas. Also, every Thursday from 6-7, the apostles pray for the missionaries in the temple. So we call that hour of power because some amazing miracles happen during that time. Ours was interesting. We started off by talking to a guy who was very staunch in the Bible and was not having any of the Book of Mormon. Then we knocked a few doors, most of which were empty. Elder Blackburn said they were translated right before we knocked on their door because the lights would be on but nobody would answer. Then there was a lady that told us she’d already been saved when we introduced ourselves as missionaries. The people here are nice, but if they already have a church and aren’t interested in our message, we can’t do anything about it.

Friday we had district council so I got to see one of the Elders I arrived here with again. It was nice to see a familiar face from the past. Then we went to Panda Express. After an afternoon that I don’t remember and didn’t write about, we went to the temple! It was a special night because recent converts can actually participate in some ordinances in the temple. We had one attend. I didn’t know her personally but she was baptized like a month beforehand.

Saturday, I accidentally told a member we were talking that “it doesn’t kill” instead of “it doesn’t matter” because I’m still learning. So yay me. But it was good, she understood the mistake. Also, we ran into a guy (not literally) who told us many times over to “not lose God’s love”. He also went on to tell us how he saw Jesus here on the earth under a shawl underneath a bar. I mean, you do you fam.
We also had dinner at a members home and Elder Blackburn had me teach the restoration to them. So I did and they helped me with some of my Spanish and, for the most part, it was pretty decent.

Sunday we went to church :). It was fast and testimony meeting and the bishop asked me and another missionary to share our testimonies. So we did, completely in Spanish. It was a little difficult at first but once I let the Spirit take over, it became easy. I have a testimony of the Spirit bearing witness of the truthfulness of things and helping you in times of need.

Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble.

Mosiah 28:3

Have the greatest week so far! I know that through sincere prayer and study, things not known to you will be made known. I hope you all stay safe and do your best to be the person God needs you to be. Through that, God will work wonders among you. I know that to be true.

Elder Thacker