In-Field Week 4 (Week 11) – A Series of Unfortunate Events

Welcome everyone to the companionship that can’t stop breaking themselves. This week was, unfortunately, another rough week filled with homesickness among other things. But that’s beside the point. What’s happened?

Tuesday we had two pretty good contacts. One was with a woman named Juanita. She had some groceries that we helped carry into her apartment. Then we talked about her family and God for about thirty minutes. Sadly, we had to refer her to the English Elders but she seemed really interested in the church.

Wednesday I twisted my right ankle. Twice. The first time, I fell off my bike hardcore and twisted my ankle in the fall. I also bruised my right forearm. Then I twisted it again later that night when I was walking through an apartment complex. There was an afterthought ditch cut into the side of a sidewalk that I didn’t see because it was dark. So that was fun.
We also had a fire contact. He doesn’t have a specific religion but he believes in God. We gave him our number and he immediately texted us saying "It’s a BLESSING that the Lord put his children in my path to keep a close eye on me…….AMEN." We should be meeting him later this week but his schedule is hard to work around so we’ll see what happens.

Thursday was my first exchange! Our district leader joined me in my area for the day and we knocked a random door right off. The lady said she wasn’t interested right then but to check back in three weeks. Oddly specific, but okay. Then we met a lady later who said we could come by whenever we could find her.

Friday we went to Kingwood for Elder Blackburn’s follow up appointment. He’s fine now. I was wearing my ankle brace for support when our area medical advisor noticed it and asked what happened. I told her and she said we needed to get it checked out. And so…

Saturday we went back to Kingwood for my xrays. I’m not sure why but they said they’d have results on Monday (but I got them early, nothing is broken, I knew there wasn’t). So then they gave me another brace and a boot. So I’m riding a bike with a boot for now. And I found out I have to wear a brace now for any sport I play for the rest of my mission (and possibly my life). Whoo!

Sunday was good. Romy attended church so that was cool. We had a New Member Fireside that night as well with our mission president. It was pretty cool as well.

Alma 37:6
Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.

I love you all and miss you! Hope this week is not full of injuries like mine was.

1. Elder Michaelis and I during exchanges
2. My boot! (And my other slightly less injured foot)
3. We found the Mystery Machine

A slightly physically broken,

Elder Thacker

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