In-Field Week 6 – Transfers and Miracles

You thought I wouldn’t send an email this week? Psych! Also, didn’t I just write one? It sure feels like it.
It’s the week of transfers so our p-day gets moved to Tuesdays (this is only for the week of transfers, so every 6 weeks. The rest of the time, p-day is Monday). A little confusing, I know, but let’s not dwell on the past too much.

Monday we met with a part member family and it was pretty good. There are some things going on that I cannot tell about because of privacy but we’re hoping to get those resolved and start progressing.

Tuesday we had an absolute miracle happen! But first, service! We went to a nearby college and we helped with a project they were working on. The college was bringing in kids from all around and doing eye exams because they’re providing free glasses to those who need them! It was cool to help with that; and a little scary because I was a scribe for exam results. Make sure it is absolutely correct and written in the correct place or you’ll mess it all up. It’s all good, though. I had a really good time with it.
Now the miracle! After service, we went to an appointment but the person cancelled on the doorstep. A common occurence, so we went back to our car. Right then, we received a call from someone we’ve never met before and doesn’t live in our area. She was visiting her mom who does live in our area and asked if we could stop by and give her a blessing. We said absolutely and drove straight there. After the blessings, we were talking and the daughter said something about family history. So I shared an experience I had while in Mexico and the mom was really interested. She then asked is to come by another time and teach her more about family history and the plan of salvation! The Lord truly does work through us here on the earth.

Wednesday was exchanges. I left my area! Ah! It’s all great, though. I went Elder Gomez and Elder Quilter (they’re in a trio for now. We had a missionary who was waiting for a Visa and he received it last Monday so they put his companion in a trio until transfers). It was super cool. I learned to just throw yourself out there, essentially. Be you. It was awesome, I had such a fun time. Both those Elders are absolute homies.

Thursday we ended exchanges and I went back to my area. We had dinner with some less active members and then attended a Book of Mormon class that night. We tried to visit Benjamin and Dylan but they weren’t home.

Friday we did a whoops. We went to the church for district council and no missionaries were there. So we called and were like “hey, where are you guys?” Turns out, we misunderstood a text we read earlier in the week. It was being held later that day with our zone leaders. Oops. So we decided to visit some contacts we had in a neighborhood.
Our last contact was actually there and we talked for a while. It was pretty great. He said he doesn’t want to meet at his house because his parents are very staunch in their faith so we’re going to have lessons at the church. He loves talking with the missionaries and is very interested.
We then discovered the loveliness of being stuck in traffic. We had somewhere to be soon and we knew traffic was bad in a few places so we routed ourselves to some backroads to avoid that. Well, they had to shut down the railroad track that crosses in three different areas for construction. They shut the entire track down. So we couldn’t cross the track, which was exactly where we needed to go. So we ended up sitting in traffic for a while until we got onto the freeway and took a weird route that was, amazingly, completely in our area to get to our appointment.
Then we went to the temple that night. We went with Romy and he loved the temple grounds. He kept saying how beautiful it was so we took him inside to a room non-members can be in even without a recommend. There, he expressed how peaceful and calm it was and we taught about the purpose of temples. He really enjoyed the idea of eternal marriage and eternal family. So then the Spirit guided us and we extended a baptismal date and he accepted! It’s his goal to be able to do baptisms in the temple next month and we’re going to do all we can so he can meet that goal.

Saturday we had some absolute miracles happen. First, we ran into a guy on the street who was like an exact copy of Sherem from Jacob 7. He kept saying that God didn’t exist because all these terrible things were happening and if God did exist, he needed a sign (not sure what kind of sign he wanted, maybe a stop sign?). Anyway, we gave him our number and told him to call us sometime.
Next, we went to a teaching appointment. When we got there, we found another guy that he was talking with. Not sure what the relation is but they’re related somehow. Anyway, he spoke both languages but understands better in English. So we taught the restoration in Spanish and I’d explain what we just taught again in English. He has never read a book of scripture in his life but kept saying that what we were teaching sounded familiar. So I gave him my email (he doesn’t have a phone number) and we’ll see what happens.
Later, all of our scheduled contacts fell through and that was real discouraging. But we pushed through and ended up teaching Benjamin and Dylan again that night. They’re still on track for baptism! Whoo! However, they need to attend church now and that’s been a downfall for them because they like to sleep in on Sundays (don’t we all?).
We got back to our apartment that night and we’re kinda chilling until the phone rang. It was one of the APs and he was like “you’re both being transferred”. Both Elder Blackburn and I and transferring out of Broadway 2. But where are we going? We didn’t find out until Monday morning.

Sunday, Benjamin and Dylan weren’t at church *sad face*. But we did participate in ward council…at 6:30am. Oof. Or as my dear friend Elder Gomez would say “Este es no de plenitud del Evangelio”.
Later, we went walking in a park! We found an inactive member surprisingly and he said he went inactive because of work. So we gave him our number, got his address, and left a note in our area book for whomever comes after us into this area.
Four failed contacts later, we visited a part member family. The mom was sick so we offered her a blessing and she accepted. Then we started to teach her son and we somehow got on the topic of miracles. We looked back and noticed that us arriving when we did was a miracle because the mom had been wanting a blessing. They’d returned from the store like two minutes before. Talk about good timing…I mean, miracle timing.

Monday morning we found out where we were being transferred to. Elder Blackburn is headed to Jacinto City and I’m going to Port Arthur with a new trainer! Usually, getting a new trainer halfway through doesn’t happen but it did for me. What can I say? I break all the norms.
Then it was packing time! Throw everything you have into your suitcases so you can pick up and go. Also, we deep cleaned the apartment so it’s ready for the next missionaries.
After that, to Kingwood we go! Not for transfers (yet), but for an appointment for Elder Blackburn. Aren’t doctors fun?
Afterwards, we got Chick-fil-a and came back to our area where we had one last dinner in Broadway. It was awesome though; we got some empanadas too.

And Ammon said: I will go and inquire of the Lord, and if he say unto us, go down unto our brethren, will ye go?

Alma 27:7

I love this scripture because it’s like “I know the desire of your heart but I will go ask the Lord. But if he says to go, will you listen and go?” It’s such a good comparison to missionary work, among so many other things in life. This transfer may not seem difficult right now but it might be in a few days, we’ll see what happens. However, I know that the Lord has called me to a different place with a different person at this time for a reason.

I love you all! I’m down a transfer and only have like 15 left. My foot is still chilling in the boot and we’re doing pretty well. Have a great week!

Elder Thacker